Happy Birthday, Merve Alper!

I will tell you my favorite story…

2 years ago I met my best friend. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. You wanna know how is she? She is my soulmate. Funny, strong, ambitious, creative, intelligent, very super mega smart, peaceful, lovely. She is Turkish and she is amazing. In one word, she is LOVE. I can’t imagine my life without her and everyday she is with me. 

What I want for her future? I want her to have a happy life, with lots of success in her career, to have the power to go on, no matter what! I wish her a peaceful and healthy experience, 100 years experience in whatever she wants to do! I respect her, I respect her way to be.

Merve, you are my sister and I will always be with you. One day we will meet, we will cry, we will laugh, we will look at each other and we will say “I love you, hermana”. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for all the good advices, thank you for being my best friend. You have to smile everyday. And you have to eat, pray and love, cause this is all that matters. Ionela loves you, Alper Merve. Happy Birthay!!!!! 😘

If you ever feel alone, remember that I am here. Ok? 😊 muah! 

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